“As our position becomes more stark, the language that deepens the core begins to appear at the edges. It does not reveal itself in data or statistics, or political rhetoric, or Freudian analysis. It speaks in a language that once crossed every boundary on Earth, that artists and writers remember and still speak, or sing, or move, or show, or paint, if only in fragments. ” – Charlotte Du Cann, In Search of a Lexicon for the Deep Core


Just wanted to share a voice that is looking for ears. Link to the Deep Adaptation article also looks promising, but that’s some reading for another day.

Songs of Hoof and Horn

Banged out something about Eagle Twin – The Thundering Heard.

This was certainly one of my favourite 2018 releases, I really dig it and have played it a lot.  It’s going to be one of those reviews, but frankly I’m only here writing about things I like because why waste time on the shit?

Find it in Reviews, where I hope to also pull together some thoughts about music that (in my mind) links to this – by Pombagira, Rose Kemp and Bismuth.

More doom’s a-coming.